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FreeMesa.org is a website dedicated to freecycling and helping people find free stuff! Really! It is a place to exchange free stuff with people in your local community all for free. If you need a new couch, chair, bike, or computer, chances are there is someone in your area trying to give this stuff away right now. FreeMesa makes it easy to bring people together so they can save money, time, and help the environment all by freecycling their old stuff. Likewise, if you have stuff that needs a new home, FreeMesa has you covered!

What is this 'Free Stuff'?

You'd be surprised! More often than not, people freecycle items of high quality that are still very useful. Good quality high end items tend to last longer which makes them much more likely to eventually need a new home. The variety of free stuff being freecycled is also amazing as well. Hot tubs, used cars, furniture, computers, clothes, kitchen gadgets, kitchen sinks, building supplies - you name it - it's been freecycled on FreeMesa.

suite VHS's C.H. Radiator. C.H. Radiator. Pedestal washbasin. Shower Enclosure Recline chair (Manual) B15 Sofa Sony Trinitron 36' TV
Sofa cum Bed Two armchairs in Huddersfield HD4 baby carrier Box of Mixed Used Folders Reclaimed Red Quarry Tiles Wardrobe set. Needs repainting Wardrobe set. Needs repainting Christmas Tree Christmas tree

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